Sample MOUs

Sample state & local MOUs

When it comes to crafting data sharing memoranda and agreements, ensuring the privacy and security of sensitive data is certainly of paramount importance, but it also is essential to compellingly articulate the benefits and power of sharing data for all parties involved – most especially, the children and communities you and your partners serve. Here you will find sample state & local data sharing Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) and agreements to support the consistent use of best practices. The sample MOUs that have been compiled here –

  • Have been reviewed/vetted by experts
  • Include agreements that allow sharing of data on children and the workforce from local public schools, as well as local divisions of the Virginia Department of Health and Virginia Department of Social Services
  • Specify guidance on de-identifying data
  • Include approaches to removing restrictions and developing agreements between both public agencies and non-profit private agencies serving young children

Sample Data Sharing Agreement.Private non-profit and state EC data system – data sharing agreement between a statewide private non-profit serving child care providers and a state early childhood advisory council

Sample data sharing MOU.Private community program with schools and Home Visiting and Head Start – a sample data sharing agreement between a community organization, home visiting program with VDH funding, home visiting program with MIECHV and VDSS funding, community-based Head Start program, and two public school divisions

Sample Data Sharing Agreement.Community Org and Research Org and Public Schools – a sample data sharing agreement between a community organization, a university-based research organization, and a public school division

Sample project authorization for sharing PALS-K data.Community Org and University Org and Early Childhood Org and Public Schools – a sample Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening Assessment (PALS-K) data sharing project authorization between a community organization, a university organization, an early childhood system convener and a public school division to inform the work of a regional literacy project  

Sample Data Fields Request to VDOE for PALS-K data – a sample form for requesting Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening Assessment (PALS-K) data from the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) for a data project with regional school divisions 

NNIP sample data sharing MOUs

  • Data sharing agreement between Washington, DC Public Schools (DCPS) & The Urban Institute, 2011 – sample education-focused data sharing agreement that exemplifies how to spell out the benefits of sharing data to the organization sharing the data:
    • Statement of Purpose – “The ultimate purpose of the project is to provide analysis so that DCPS administrators (i.e., principals, school counselors, and homeless/housing counselors) can work with teachers in schools affected by the foreclosure crisis to provide additional assistance to their students easing the stress of housing instability. This can include specialized instruction (for academics and behavioral) and counseling (for behavior, adjustment, and housing possibilities for the family). In addition, the Urban Institute’s analysis can provide DCPS with the tools to create a standardized response to the effect of the housing crisis on its students and families.”
    • Terms & Conditions, #11. “DCPS reserves the right to use the information in the research report and research findings for educational programming or services, planning, solicitation of grants, staff development, and any other purposes to improve instruction or services to DCPS students”