Sample data visualizations

Sample data visualizations


United Way Central Iowa

Developed in Clear Impact Score Card


Custom infographics


Smart Beginnings Greater Roanoke

Sample data visualizations produced through the Roanoke Data Partnership.

The Roanoke Data Partnership began meeting in 2011 to pave the way for systematic data collection, shared analysis, and feedback. In 2017, partners included the Child Health Investment Partnership (CHIP) of Roanoke Valley, City of Roanoke, Roanoke City Library, Roanoke City Public Schools (RCPS), Smart Beginnings Greater Roanoke (SBGR), Star City Reads (Roanoke’s response to the national Campaign for Grade Level Reading), Total Action for Progress (TAP) & TAP Head Start, United Way of Roanoke Valley, and Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute. The collaborative data-driven approach has led to measurable improvements in Roanoke’s school readiness, summer learning, and 3rd grade reading benchmarks, and helped the city garner 7 All-American City Awards.

Central to the success of Roanoke’s data partnership has been the willingness of Roanoke City Public Schools to share data on child demographics, child attendance records, and child PALS and SOL scores

using a secure server with limited access by authorized personnel only to conduct matching across programs and data analysis. Future data analysis projects include prediction of 3rd grade reading from child and family characteristics, Pre-K program participation, and PALS scores, as well as partner specific analyses.

PALS-K scores by children from quality Pre-K versus other students

Use of home visiting & public school data for action

PALS Fall 2015 Kindergarten percent of specific population at/above benchmark RCPS students from VSQI sites compared with ALL RCPS students

RCPS students from VSQI sites: Fall 2014 Kindergarten PALS subscale performance as a function of Spring 2014 star rating


Smart Beginnings Greater Richmond

School Division School Readiness “Placemat” and Child Care Map

Contracted out using Tableau and graphic designer

Chesterfield County School Readiness Snapshot – Fall PALS-K Achievement Gaps

Prepared by Richmond Regional Planning District Commission

Chesterfield County Elementary Schools Zones and Child Care Providers